Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Story

by Robert L . Gisel

Bubbly Josephine bursts in through the door of the quaint book store like a whirlwind. "Such a Scrooge. Where are your lights?"

Behind the counter, Brian stands putting price tags on a pile of rare books. "Not doing any. Who cares?"

"Your father would want you to put the lights up."

"Like hell. He didn't care about Christmas. He didn't even give me a gift his last Christmas! Talk about cheap."

Josephine looks around and spies the box on the top of a shelf at the back. "There they are. Right where we put them 4 years ago." She uses the step stool to reach way up to pull out the box. An envelope falls off with the dust. Josephine picks it up off the floor, "This is for you. It's never been opened."

Brian looks at the card envelope addressed to him. Opening it he pulls out the card and a stack of hundreds falls out on the counter. The card inscription reads:

Dear Brian,

Old age has gotten the best of me and I am unable to get out to shop a gift for you. This doesn't mean I don't appreciate the value of Christmas to show yours how much they mean to you. This Christmas may be my last, I hope you will keep up the custom to pass on goodwill and the spirit of peace and love.

Your loving father.

Minutes pass as Brian stares at the card and a war wages between the internal gods and devils. A tear trickles down his cheek. "Come on," he says. I'll help you put them up."

When men fully trust each other then there will be peace on Earth.

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coastal said...

The reminder to trust is always timely. Thank you for writing!ul