Friday, November 14, 2008

Bloggers Dictionary for Un-Bloggers - Unabridged*

by Robert L. Gisel

Here is a reprint of the Bloggers Dictionary with some edited newly added definitions. When you are finding that your blogging is in a creak and all has been said and done there's no alternative left but to join the Un-Bloggers*. This is either a breakthrough or a breakout. Rebels to the fore!

Alaska: Mythically great land with vast reaches of wild animals, non-zoo animals and Super Heroes.

Blog: Habitat with thick moss and marshy wetlands where you will find bear, deer, elk, caribou and other non-zoo animals.

Blogger: A non-zoo animal.

Blogosphere: A vast, motionless wasteland brought to life by non-zoo animals.

Comments: Opportunity for not-shy persons or airheads to mouth off on another blogger's blog; possibly critical acclaim but most desirable of all is words of wisdom and words from the heart.

Cyborg (1): A non-zoo animal who should be caged.

Cyborg (2): Every good Super Hero needs a supremely evil Anti-Hero; arch enemy of Superwebber after an un-explained transformation to Super Villian.

Cyberspace: Where you go when you shouldn't have eaten the worm.

Cybernate: You wonder where the geek disappeared to; as bears hibernate geeks cybernate.

Cybersex (1): You've been raped by the villainous Anti-Heroes Cyborg and Trojan.

Cybersex (2): The worser evil, raped by Cyborg without Trojan.

Digg (1): Where one invites poignant criticism from non-zoo animals but is always hopeful of critical acclaim.

Digg (2): The ultimate in reality life pressures where your boss's messenger, the bill collector and your mortgage broker all stand above you and say "Digg!".

Geek Squad: League of World Wide Web Super Heroes to come to the rescue of non-zoo animals.

Hyperlink: Underground sausage links spiked with way too many jalapenos.

Phish: Sea dwelling Anti-Hero and Arch Rival of Superwebber.

Post: A milepost; tells you how far you have come and how far you have to go.

Podcasting: Humble attempts to re-foliate over-forested or fire ravaged lands.

Trackback: When the you find a doubled set of tracks and realize the bear you are tracking is now tracking you.

RSS: Royal Savants Society; a fraternity of gentlemen colloquially and variously known as geeks, gurus and webmasters; official name of the WWW Geek Squad.

RSS Feed: A smorgasbord for geeks and company.

Stumble It: When you want to write but don't type you can still Stumble It.

Superwebber: Super Hero who always saves the day from the hugely villainous Anti-Heros like Cyborg, Trojan, Phish and the Worm.

Trojan: If this Anti-Hero gets in your face you'll know you've really been screwed.

Twitter: Nervous expectations that someone will come a-calling and you hope it's not the Virus League.

*Un-Blogger (1): A desperate non-zoo animal: No traffic, no comments, no ad clicks: this is pretty Un-!

*Un-Blogger (2): A rebellion against the whole blogging establishment; with zillions of bloggers running amuck your only chance is to be different - really different - Un-alike.
*Un-Blogger (3): The masked sidekick who sometimes tags along for support with Superwebber.

Viruses: The League of Super Villians, Arch Enemies and Anti-Heroes.

Worm: Underground Anti-Hero who spins a Web to catch unsuspecting non-zoo animals; Arch Enemy of Superwebber.

WYSIWYG: Grandmother talking to the new born baby.

I'm sure I have missed a few so feel free to send me words I should define and leave it in the comments for me. Feel free to spread this around, email it, social network it, Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon, whatever you want, just be sure to keep my name and blog site tag on it, that is, for humanitarian purposes - I don't want anyone else to get shot for this in my stead.

This is where you leave your comments; see definition above, go to comments below.
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