Monday, December 1, 2008

Get Crazy, Go Wild and Prosper

by Robert L. Gisel

Do you sometimes think this is a crazy world, or maybe you're crazy for doing what you are doing. I say great! Go for it! Cast abandon to the wind and be as insouciant as you can be, because:

Worry and it won't be for sure.

If you think you can't, you can't.

If you think you aren't, you won't be.

Think you are a failure and you are now.

If you feel you have lost, don't bother to enter.

If you think there is nothing to be happy about, then you said it.

Where there seems no joy, YOU are missing.

Think you've lived it all, you're a short-timer.

It's time to retire? Select your casket.

Can't get along, you think, wither inside!

Seems it's the end? Find a new beginning!

Nothing to worry about? You're right.

You know it is, you've got it.

Feel successful, see success.

Feel it's winner, genuinely, it is.

Decide, keep true the decision and command it so.

Have that miracle feeling, it happens.

Experience the joy and joy abounds.

Go crazy and wild, create like crazy and have it all.

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