Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Exercise to Refresh Resolve

by Robert L. Gisel

"3. DEVOTION TO GOALS. Geniuses know what they want and go after it. Get control of your life and schedule. Have something specific to accomplish each day." Dr.Barrios

Originally I wrote this for another blog, ThinkTankMan, which showcases tips for ingenuity. As a writer, for the sake of ingenuity, one definately needs to be able to control one's time and attention as otherwise the dispersal will defeat one's intentions. Things tend to not get done at all without intention.

The discussion came up with a correspondent regarding starting a blog. She expressed she was having difficulty getting her mind to work at all, so to speak, what with all the life problems and situations she was having to handle or resolve. This is something more basic than having goals and being in control of your life and schedule. This is about being in control of your mind and decisive factors.

First off, one can be distracted by having a lot of things going on at once, which is okay, but keeping and juggling so many things in one's head at the same time becomes counter-productive. Sure, that is the purpose of the mind, but you won't control anything if you can't control one thing. To control one thing you have to focus on it. Even if it's only to take hold of something you see only out of the corner of your eye, it's a focus and thus controlling something.

Here is a short set of actions that cures the dispersal. To be able to do these you must disappear from all distractions for about 20-30 minutes; go somewhere you won't be interrupted.

1. Make a list of all the actions in your life (or work, separately, unless they are the same) that are open actions to do.
2. Make another list of anything in your life you do not feel in control of.
3. Another list, what do you feel in control of.

You should have experienced some relief at the point, a plateau by itself. Now you can do this short set of actions:

4. Go back to the first list and highlight realistically what MUST be done as opposed to what is just nice or desirable to do.
5. Pick one of those that can be done now (not something unreal, like contact the Court Clerk at 2 AM).
6. Do it. If it appears it has necessary sequential sub-actions like a, b, c, d, do a.

After this you can start to complete actions on the rest of the first list, one by one get some things done and cross them off. At some point you can re-write the first list and it will be more real and increasingly pertinent.

Get with me after you have done the steps 1-3 minimally, or preferably after step 6.

Also get with me if it this bogs down for any reason, tell me what you are experiencing and I'll address that with you. This shouldn't be the case, unless some fiasco happens like you get arrested for loitering while doing 1-3. A fiasco has a different handling.

If you can't get started on any of this, if it's all too bad, select someone to take you out back and shoot you (just kidding). Seriously, your ability to do or accomplish anything you desire is your most valuable asset. Even if you don't believe that, still take the baby steps 1-6, then write to me.

I also talk about this exercise from a bit different view at ThinkTankMan
If you only laughed a little you'd be better; go here for a humorous viewpoint of blogging.

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