Friday, November 21, 2008

Videocasting Fresh Alaskan Air

by Robert L. Gisel

Now I've gone and done it, I am blogging with video. But there is a method to my madness.

As Google and other search engines are favoring video now it only makes sense to incorporate this into a web site. The statistic is that 70% of everyone on the internet watch videos.

The execution of this was relatively simple as well, very good news for me with my 3rd grade level internet skills. I simply used a Kodak digital M853 Easy Share which has a video function built in. This downloaded to my computer to a saved file. That I downloaded to Google Video. This was necessary in order to load it back onto my blog. Blogger required that I take it from the Google feed, or if there is a way to load it direct to the text I haven't found it.

The search is showing up my Fresh Alaska Air blogsite and also my other blog Once An Alaskan both showed up on the first page of the search instantly, of 433,000 search items. Looking a little deeper I come up 2 times in the first 116 items. This is a marked advance.

The jury is still out on this as the traffic and sales conversions will be the proof of effectiveness. Nevertheless, so far this month my blog site has been showing triple last months traffic by the 20th. Last month itself was up considerably from my norm, and this before the video was posted putting the stats on a parabolic curve into a new range.

The key to a major difference in your ranking is video. Can't beat it.

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