Monday, August 8, 2011

Adds To the Bloggers Dictionary For Un-Bloggers

by Robert L. Gisel

Computer Dummies and Un-Bloggers need to define their terms. And preserve a sense of humor.

Apple (T) : Apples are apples and oranges are oranges. (Do I have to define everything for you?)  

Google (1): v. The Ouija Board went high tech.

Google (2): Grandmother interfaces with the latest Grandchild. 

Google (3): Hearty attempt to eat dinner after dental surgery. 

Google Profile: The girl is so stunning you can't look at her, and you get any words out of your mouth either.

Social Media: News reporters you wouldn't be afraid to have a few too many beers with.

Search Engines: Take off from Steven King novel and Hollywood movie "Christine"; now the train locomotives get their day on the big screen. (Hear the background music?) 

SEO: Some 'Ere Over the rainbow. 

WWW: Blog WhoWouldWrite. (Didn't notice that did you?) 

World Wide Web: After Hitchcock's movie "The Birds" came one about spiders on the international scene. 

Internet: High tech props on loan to weave diverse intercourse anywhere and everywhere.

Computer (1): Cyber marketer who is always calculating to get all of your pennies. 

Computer (2): The new generations' grapevine; keeping in touch without actually having to confront anyone.

Log On, Log Off: Contestants in a logrolling competition.

Cursor: Un-Blogger attempting a new task on the computer.

Going Viral: Extreme event; when you should have used a mouth wash.

Hard Drive: The bigger the truck, the harder to drive.

Software: The plastic eating utensils that come with your take-out order.

In all fairness if you want the stiff shirt version of these terms try WikipediA.


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