Monday, August 3, 2009

Single Socks

by Robert L. Gisel

 Come laundry day there's a game I play to see whether I have washed any single socks. It is even a household joke about machines that always eat the socks. 

 My wife's response was always to throw away the single sock. Invariably though, the other sock of the pair would miraculously turn up in the next wash. Then she would have to throw that one away.

 Eventually she threw me away. Now, that's way over the line. For me it has always been preferred to grant the extended warranty in depth of tolerance and generosity of good will. Still, there has to be a cut off time for trash into the bin and selling bins keeps aisle 9 active in the hardware store.

 Having the optimism that the missing sock of the pair will show up it most always does. It's a small illustration, and most certainly one that won't break the bank. But it has an application to life that has more import.

 It's like the paradox that the cup is half empty or half full. The former feels like heck and the later feels like a million bucks. You do create what you think, after all. It turns out a change of viewpoint can save a lot of socks, maybe even create an abundance as well.

 Give your single socks a second chance.

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