Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To Post Regularly or Not to Post Regularly

by Robert L. Gisel

To post regularly or not to post regularly, that is the question. It would seem that to be a professional of course one would keep in regularity and frequency.

It doesn't seem to be that simple when push comes to shove. First off blogging isn't my main line of work. It does have relevance though as it does effect other activities and can be a reflection of professionalism even where it may seem a sideline activity.

For instance, when one goes to publish something you better believe the publisher will ask if you have web site and he will examine it. This can illustrate to him your writing ability and help to secure the publishing contract.

Apart from that one should not think that when one publishes a work the publisher will take care of all the advertising and marketing and you won't have to worry about that. It doesn't actually tend to work that way. While the publisher does have an interest in the marketing of its publishing the role of the author cannot be underestimated. The exposure of the author can make all the difference between a successful publish or not.

Having one's own pre-release campaign out is really important and if done well will tip the scale over to an adequately large volume. You can this here with Chris Guillbeau from his Art of Nonconformity blogsite as regards the launch of the Unconventional Guide. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger also could seen to do this with the release of his book, just to mention a couple examples. Of course there is the traditional day-of-the-release book signing by the author, getting out there lending his hand to promotion (literally), but lending one's hand to the promotion efforts literarily demands a lot more than that as well.

This post is a sort of thinking out loud for me as it seems I am anything but a conventional dedicated blogger. Knowing about publisher demands gives an added purpose for a blog for me, enough of a significance that I have been a bit more diligent in keeping blog posts coming out.

Nevertheless, all of the things I have crossflowed about what a blogger should do I undoubtedly violate. At least the choices made have seemed reasonable for what subjects my 7 blogs cover and still keep in line somewhat the cohesive subjects each to themselves. Besides, 7 is a perfect number so of course the arbitrary decision of 7 blogs was divinely predicated. Good thing too, as I never would have thought of it.

There has become another purpose and a new set of requirements that has been shaping my activity. Selling blogging is another potential source of income and this requires some following to one's site, but also there is generally an expectancy of a minimum number of posts, not replicated from other blogs, this apparently being ten minimally. Being too far spread out in my 7 blogs this was not the case and this has encouraged me to put up more posts.

For the most part now my new posts are prompted by new press feeds or from other bloggers posts that stimulate me to write. Recommendations seem to favor a least one post a week. Personally I don't see myself doing that, not with 7 blogs, as that would be one a day and is a lot more than I have been doing.

So to answer the proverbial question ,to blog regularly or not to, I would have to say no, I don't expect to get regular in my posting schedule. My frequency has been increasing though and maybe at some point that too will change.


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