Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nonconformity reaches the 100th Country in the World

by Robert L. Gisel

The man who do something remarkable and tell us about it on his blog, Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Nonconformity, has achieved his goal of travelling to 100 countries. 100th country, Sri Lanka. Interesting way to get content for your blog.

When I heard of this I got the idea that maybe next year or the next he would make it but Chris has really made some tracks since then. Time to pop the cork and have a big celebration:

Congratulations!! 100th country in the world!!!! (drums, real ones, the huge crowd stands, the applause drowns out the stage microphone, goes on for 5 minutes). The regular band couldn't make it, their synthesizer had the hick ups, but we found a female singer, she's only 6 but she knows the words and she's does the remarkable especially for Chris.
Very well done Chris, your persistence is, well, remarkable.



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