Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Hope She Doesn't Yawn

by Robert L. Gisel

On the ProBlogger site this new post "GRAB your Readers Attention and HOOK them into your blog" got my attention so as to invite my comment:

As I’m primarily a playwright I too have been inspecting this conundrum: how do you, in the title and one sentence max, blow up the oil facilities, discard the scuba gear, dry suit and have an immaculate tux underneath to join the elite party, all punctuated by the most exciting Rolling Stones theme song.

You used to get 20 minutes now you only have 10 to grab a persons attention in a movie. Actually it is 10 pages where each page equates to a minute of movie, and that is the time you have to tempt the reader to continue reading the screenplay. No movie gets made unless some potential filmmaker reads the script and likes it, thinks it is a winner and that it will make money at the box office.

The top film producers at Ken Rotcops Pitchmart will only promise to read the first 10 pages and only will they continue reading if they are hooked into interest by then. This is down from the 20 that was acceptable as late as a decade ago.

Evidently society is now media wise, catch on fast or get bored quickly. The net has such impossibly high volumes of data and traffickers to it I’m sure it is the same in the blogosphere, no one has time to be bored when there are so many fast and exciting impressions available.

This post caught my attention with the picture of the wicked block and tackle. That’s a well done hook.

But you should go to and read the post from ProBlogger not just my comment on it.

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