Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Write Around the World

By Robert L. Gisel

Recently I ran across someone who aspired to go to 100 countries to fulfill his decision to be remarkable. Then, as if that wasn't ambitious enough he decided to make it a visit to every country in the world. That certainly out-remarkables his remarkable.

It is really good to be different. When you look at it though every being is different. All you have to do is speak from your heart and say it the way you would say it and it comes out different, it's you speaking. That's probably why blogging is such a blast. There's a lot of interesting people out there amongst humanity.

In the mainstream media it is all too saturated with the misdeeds of evil doers. Well, that is what the press covers. bad news.

In my own travels it never ceases to amaze me the good people you encounter around the world. Even the friends I have here in the US who have come from all parts of the world and parts we used to never hear from, behind the communist block as we'd call it. Now I have good friends from Hungary, Russia and Taiwan. Friends from China, Turkey, Quatar, Pakistan, England, South Africa or - you name it.

You get to to see it well when you travel. You can see it more so in the blogosphere and that interests me. Finding one such person as Chris with his site The Art of Non-Conformity and his post Do a Remarkable was quite interesting enough. That's so novel it makes you feel inspired just to consider this positioning. You know, different. Then I found another such person who not only will go to each country in the world but will also drink a Guinness in each one. I think it's that extra challenge that makes this a really tough goal. Like, what does it take to find a Guinness in Bangladesh?

In the blogosphere though you get to know people well. The camaraderie, the sharing of kindred spirits. People helping other people or just being themselves. It is the media where you can hear the good news in the world. From the bloggers.

You gotta love 'em.

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Raymond Leggett said...

A Guiness in every country, thats sounds intriging.
People are interesting, especially when allowed to speak their mind.
I love listening and reading peoples adventures.
Robert L. Gisel has it right when he says it is really good to be different. Speaking from the heart is always the most entertaining and interesting. It is good to hear the good things people are doing everyday. I love travellng on the internet, you can go anywhere in the world in an instant. i love that title Write Around the World. And keep on writing!

Robert L. Gisel said...

Thanks Ray. So true. In fact I head you were in Africa just yesterday, so to speak.