Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Days Fly By

by Robert L. Gisel

A relevant republish.

 Here it is at the end of 2010. Unbelievable. Seems like only yesterday it was Y2K and we were prepping for "the end of the world". Something happened but it wasn't that. Let's re-visit that time.

 Extra stores and canned goods were bought in a hurry by flocks of people. We got together our survival bags and set them out just in case we had to cut and run. When the day approaches all we can do is wait out the crash of the computers and rampage in the streets and looting of the grocery stores, that never came. Wow.

 The 30 foot billboard down the street from me had all month proclaimed the end of the world. I don't know product they were promoting but it was a failed product launch.

 Now it is all of ten years hence, ten years. The known, confronted, never turns out that bad. Somehow we manage to create a better eventuality. Only when an intended act is hidden from us like the cause of the apocalypse of 911 is there any huge drama, and even then we bounce back from it in good order. We are very resilient people.

 Still we don't have to be the effect of whatever life deals out. We each have a say in the matter, in the broad view of things.

 It has been called many things, elan vital, life force, spiritual energy, vital spark and qi; the caustion we all have and some invoke more than others is a much sought property. Yoda had the line "Do or do not. There is no try." to which I paraphrase, do now or do not, there is no wait. Action of any kind is the best leverage.

 Time, as it turns out, is very subject to one's consideration. With "too little" it becomes compressed and can be excruciating. With "too much" one dies of boredom. Time, passage of, and events, occurance of, are given substance by life's contemplation.

 Life reigns. Life force is a real thing, in spite of its invisibility. You can be a sight-seer and just go along for the ride. Or you can take pro-active stance (that's what they call it these days, pro-active) and command it. You have to go for it with gusto.

 So, use the force, Luke.


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