Thursday, March 18, 2010

Third Hand Smoke

by Robert L Gisel

 It sometimes fascinates me when I see people trying to stop this or that, like smoking, and can't. When people advise me in this light I ignore it. If I wanted to stop smoking I would just stop smoking. It's that simple. Now it turns out there are some health benefits of smoking after all.

 When I started smoking natural cigarettes it was because I learned that it was not tobacco that was linked to cancer, per the FDA's own tests, it is the chemicals added: the gunpowder (salt peter) and the chemical curing. These chemicals are incidentally what cause addictive cravings, not natural tobacco. The difference is, I smoke at will, a few cigarettes a day, rather than a few packs a day. If you can't get off smoking get off chemically cured cigarettes, which may require the help of calcium, magnesium, vitamins C and B1 to break the chemical addiction.

 Equally fascinating to me is the "I quit smoking now you have to" crowd. The protagonist now becomes the antagonist thinking they are really the protagonist. Call it the Darth Vader Syndrome In White Robes.

 Now the anti-smoking lobby is trying to invent an imaginary "third-hand smoke". I don't quite understand their elaborate explanation but it essentially comes down to, smokers have a sort of smoking aura that gives another person cancer. They have quite an imagination I'll grant them that.

 Evidently, the people they hang around with have been pervading their aura with third-hand manure, and now they are full of it.



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