Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yahoo News Needs A Revamp.

by Robert L. Gisel

 The computer dummy in me has not been able to solve the irritation of having Google News forward a most undesirable message, the death and destruction lot of news feeds. I'd be willing to grant them the benefit of a doubt that automated compilation is weighing on the negative side. Still, I'm from the old school where news articles are selected and passed on by the News Editor.

 It is a truism what your attention is on constantly is what you can expect to have manifest most in your life. Yahoo News apparently has been forwarding a primary theme of killing death so it stands to reason they will one day get their wish, death unto themselves (Yahoo, organizationally) if they keep that up.

 This kind of death and destruction headlining is typical of mainstream press, which as a rule I avoid. Their belief is it enhances circulation, possibly, but it seems more a mouth-piece for someone who would have us be constantly afraid.

 Bush was called out for using false propaganda to thrust us into war in Iraq which he marketed through the mainstream media. Why Yahoo News continues this message today makes people wonder what are they up to. Evidently the "Have Mores" haven't profited enough from the war yet. We are an intelligent people and the point is not missed.

 Hardly a day goes by where there isn't a suicide bomber story and if they don't don't have one of those it is a single murder, like the one in San Francisco or the one in Portland. The deluge has to be intensified or exaggerated by dropped-out time on repeat stories; there just aren't that many suicide bombers in the world. Surely their ranks would have been depleted by now if any truth in these at all.

 A steady stream of good news, on the other hand, begets goodwill and success. In fact, all man's civilized advances come from positive ideas and high hopes for betterment. The writer does this too in fictitious rendition that excites, exhilarates and gives release through laughter. Its make-believe nature releases emotion, rather than restimulating real death and mayhem by the subliminal terror message of the mad dog press.

 The steady diet of "next door" death and destruction on Yahoo's venue is not accidental in wanting to foment worry and fears. It is not a "cookies" issues as I don't click off on those articles so as to set a computerized preference. Someone is running a news campaign and one suspects the White House pushing "talking points" weighted heavily on this topic.

 There must be a way to exclude these chaos stories from my news, or to have no news on my home page if I can't have the good news. I'll have to explore my settings, not knowing what is allowable and doable. If you have already solved this problem let me know what the quick hatting is.


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Robert L. Gisel said...

An update was in order and I finally got back to it and re-posted the article today.

The original title was "Yahoo Is Dying" to toss the gauntlet out as intrigue to the reader. One friend, she was then, emailed back about calling the kettle black and promptly opted out in a huge huff. She should have read it all the way through to get the point of the blog.

Humility being one of my social traits, however, I changed the title with a few edits. If anyone else has a problem with it leave me a comment; I'm game.