Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Information Meltdown

by Robert L Gisel

If getting on the computer has been an interesting learning curve blogging has been hyperbolic. The amount of potential would seem to be unlimited but with that comes an embracive curve that puts demands on what one needs to know and keep track of. Sometimes it's too much and feels like I'm about to have a core meltdown on my nuclear reactor.

Whenever that happens the first advice is word clearing. This is when you need to clear up definitions of the nomenclature and other misunderstood terms. My first stab at this came out as the Bloggers Dictionary for Un-Bloggers.

The plethora of social networking sites is just one area of complexity and confusion and it baffles me how one would embrace any number of these simulaneously and even begin to keep up with the volume. There is not even a suitable justification for me, like I have Alzheimer's or some such incapacity. Each of the social groups has it's own format to confront. Then there is the lingo that you only know if you've been one of the good old boys for awhile.

Never have I been one to pretend affections, be a groupy and say "I really want to be like [Pro Blogger]." If you have such an illusion go see the post The Truth About Darren Rowse ProBlogger.
There are the usual diversions that would appear to answer ones questions but each platform is unique, putting back in ones face the confront challenge. If you successfully confront the complexity and weed through the newness of the new arena you may come through unscathed. Does anyone else but me encounter this?

Just one simple matter alone, that of passwords and user IDs, has taken elaborate tracking admin I found to require a secure logging system as undoubtedly I will need to look up the password or ID on any pass accessible site that I haven't been to in awhile. Even going to something I have been to a lot such as a lesser frequented email address will occasion a quasi-panic when I can't log, until I go and dig up the data from my secret log. Where is my flock of secretaries when I need them?

Usually I just use my real name as the user ID as do some others like Steve with his own site as There's no need to hide behind an anonomous ID. It seems to me even cowardly, at least if you ever plan to get into the fray where you may find yourself amid some kind of controversial discussion. For Instance, if it comes up again that someone asks you "Is Darren Rowse really an airhead?" Once you have covered an area though you now have the content to hyperlink to and answer those embarrassing questions efficiently. Don't forget, you also have to define your terms.

It may be this one facet alone, trying to remember what User ID and Password used when signing up, that keeps me majorly off the social networking sites. One friend told me she just keeps the same password for everything. Is that the way it's done by the street-wise blogger?
If I have the correct figure it's 380 million and that is the number of sites on the web. This could off by a zero or two and its still up there high even to challenge my eidetic memory. Therefore, being limited to a niche is a godsend. I now see I should count my blessings that I have since come past the elementary elements of the electronic world where the challenge once was simply to learn how to use the IBM Selectric correcto-type function.

The irony is that the mind is a far more capable computer than any artificial computer with far more capacity then you'd ever think to use. The key here is "think to use' as if you realized you could do it the stretch of what one does currently would boggle ones mind. But you'd soar with ability.

Until you said "can't", which is basically a lie, it was clearly "you can". That is the point ("can't") of where the meltdown occurs and you feel you'd best get 10 miles away from the computer. And take any favorite toys with you lest it really is the point of no return.

Maybe this blog should be titled WhoWouldHelp. Everyone needs help sometimes, even us geniuses. Remember Henry Ford, the car mogul with only a third grade education? When challenged about his literacy he pointed out to the Judge that whenever he needed expertise he pushed one of the 10 buttons in a row on his desk and the knowledgeable expert came a-running.

Me who is so confident in myself would never ask for help. It sure would be good if you who do know would proffer it. If you don't want to be seen with an Un-Blogger (i.e., comments are publicly published) then you can secretly email me at gisel underscore creations at yahoo.

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